Friday, 25 April 2008

My progress so far....Josie

First thing I need to say: Thanks Wan for the new Rigged model of Sophie!! ^_^

I've been animating Scene 3 (where our two characters gets swallowed up by the Shadow Creature) and I'm almost there - just need to tweak some details of the character's movements (especially with Sophie as I've done most of the animating on Bobo so far) and I think I've made this scene too fast so I need to slow it down a bit! Here's the clips to show my progress (both the same but viewed in different angles):

Please comment - I will post more clips to show my progress - Josie -___-


Åsa said...

Hi Josie!

Thanks for showing your work! :)

Wan has sorted out the girl now so now we can start animating her as well :) I think skip secondary animation as kicking with the leg and moving the ears and focus on the big movements, i would like it to look more as if they are floating around in this big black space,

peace n luv

ps hows it going with the train? I think that its really good or essential as u want to work as a modeler that u take this opportunity and learn more advanced texturing so that u can show u're models in a professional standard and get a nicer portfolio for yourself, cos with advanced texturing u will make all your models look so much better then with just basic texturing! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm animating the girl with bobo as well - I'm still having difficulties with texturing the train and still studying about UV Texturing at the moment.

Will try to get that out of the way as soon as possible!


Åsa said...

Hey ya!

yes, get Bobo right before u do they girl and book an appointment with Alex cos he will show u in ten minutes and it will be faster then looking for tutorials :)

peace out!