Thursday, 3 April 2008

Message to Josie

Hi Josie!, i cant work your cameras out, so i think its better u do this who know and understands the way that u have put it up - its this shot i want to change, camera 8 - one second is to fast, start with doubling it to 2 sec and check how that looks + zoom in all the way around and turn her face more so that we see her face expression, just hit me on skype if u have any question and if i dont make any sense, made an example pic above of what i mean

peace n luv

this is your scene - u see how fast it goes?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS FAST!!

That's strange as it doesn't happen when I re-played it.. .. ah well I'll change it again later today.


Asas Jornal said...

yes, it goes really really fast here, so if u just make it slower and show more of her face, let the camera in closer that will be perfect Josie!

peace n luv