Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Online Meeting Monday 2 o'clock in skype

Hi everyone!!

Damn this break disappeared fast!! Hope u all had a good one!

THE BLOCKOUT: Has been cut down from 5:40 to 4:02, Wan, Emmet and Josie has it now. Raphael couldn't get online so you will get it on Wednesday in college.

SOUND: Emmet the sound guy has sent some examples of music and is working on more but we should all look for music.


Giles is done with the girl and can give her to us on Wednesday but I am trying to get it via msn or skype before.

Josie – gat the train from Caspar, he will not finish it so Joise will texture it and scale it after the girl. Textures: Cream white train with soft gold details on ex handles and window frames to blend in with the Deadworld and have a fairytale touch.

Asa – is not taking onboard more work right now, I want to focus on the deadworld as I haven’t been able to do it completely with the blockout, the dr rig, the tree trainstation and the hospital etc, I feel that the deadworld is very important so I would like to focus on it now.

Wan – finish Bobo. I will want your assistant and help with composoting, light and stuff, cos u said in term 1 that u liked working with that so are u up for it?

Raphael – can u get the scaled train from Josie and the scaled tree trainstation from me and then could u build the train tracks and texture them? Would be great! No one else gat time to do it ☺ + finish your 2 animated creatures, I can add glow on them in After effects as long as u pass me the finished animation, lets talk about the best way to do it on Wednesday. They will look very nice in the film!

Any questions, thoughts or ideas?

peace n luv

ps fundraising party in the SU Bar now on Thursday for our exhibition!

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