Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Texturing Train - Process

Hiya everyone, this is just an experiment and I want to hear all your opinions (since I'm terrible making decisions on my own!!!)

I coloured the main body of the Train in Cream and used the Gold textures from Asa for the window frames. I've coloured the roof and the lower base of the train in dark pink which I hope it will make the train stand out more:

I've used the Gold textures and a normal shiny yellowish/gold colour and not sure which is better on the railings:

Please Comment! - Josie


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

See Please Here

├ůsa said...

Hey Josie!

I didnt really want any pink or purple, just cream white and gold - BUT I actually quite like the top one with pink roof - just need to see how it looks in the deadworld, if its to colorful or not before i make up my mind - can u pass me one thats purely in gold and cream white as well so that i can compare?

PS - can u add more reflectivity on the metal- do u use Blinn or Phong? Cos the roof and etc is also in metal so it also have some reflection. I think the plain gold texture looks better then the one i sent u so go for that one + can u make the windows less transparent so that we don't see that the trains are empty? Just a tiny bit :)

Good work!
Can u zip the file and pass it to me when u're done so i can stick it in the scene :)

peace n luv,