Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Last week of the break!!

Yes, Now I am back from Sweden, couldnt get internet to work on my lap top there BUT finaly maya is working! :) As u all noticed we are Shit far behind so update me please;

Caspar: hows it going with our train? We badly need it NOW.

Wan, hows it going with the texturing and rigging of Bobo?

Raphael, hows the finishing of the 2 creatures going? Have u sorted out your software problems now? Otherwise u badly need to do it first week back so u can work at home, talk to the two persons that i told u about :)

Asa and Josie - shape up and finsih the Block out. Asa is editing and listening to sounds from Emmet and is cutting down scenes etc. Will post the latest one here so keep your eyes open and leave feedback once its up so that we can finish it!

Asa - texture and finish the tree train station, need Caspar train to be able to scale it.

Giles - hows it going with the girl?


As explained at the end of last term we will hold the formative assessments for ANI 304 in the first week back . Assessment will take place in the BA year room and the schedule is as follows.

*Wednesday 9th of APRIL**

11.30 - 12.15pm - The Day that I Died. By then we need the finished Blockout, finished environments and started animation ( that we should have done 5 weeks ago so lets get the characters done so we can get started! ).

Here is the assesment notes;

Hope that u all had a good easter!!
peace n luv,


Åsa said...

Josie, can u send me the scene in the block out where sophie is on bobos shoulders and they are running that i wanted to change - where u zoom in on her face, its easier if i change the camera i think

peace n luv n i hope its gone will with u're dissertation!!

Åsa said...

yes, i see what the fault is now, the scene is 300 frames...thats just a second so no wonder its goes waaay to fast :)

peace n luv

Raph85 said...

Hey Asa, i cant believe we go back next week already. Had a crazy time with dissertation but got it in on monday gone(barely). Just about had time to test out wan's rig of the mother which seems cool, try and put some test up but cant make a promises, hopefully in the next few days sunday the latest.

Raph85 said...

I been asking around for after effects but no luck, got a few more people in mind that i'll will ask today.