Friday, 4 April 2008

Josie or Raphael?

hey ya!

I gat the train from Caspar now - he has rigged it but has not done the changes that i wanted or textured it- i am editing the blockout and doing the deadworld and rigging the Dr so I don't have time so one of you would have to take this on, so who wants to do some modeling and texturing and finish the train? :)

Hollar back!

peace n luv,


Anonymous said...


I'm not the best at modeling or texturing but I offer to take the job if Raphael doesn't mind.

Just give me all the details of changes and such for me to be prepared for this task.


"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

wicked Josie!! Thanks!
I think we skip the changes to save time - there was some windows i wanted to merge and take away cos i felt it was to many of them- but as we need to start animating I suggest we just keep all the windows n go straight to texturing!

I want the train to go in cream white and have gold details so it becomes more "fairytalish" - hollar at me on skype tomorrow and I 'll pass u the train and some textures that i found :)

peace n luv,