Friday, 18 April 2008

My report for today - Josie

Hiya, here's my report for today:
I've finished texturing the Train model and I recieved the new Sophie model from Asa so I can work on the animating. I made my own personal timetable for Term 3 as well:

I got the two characters together on Maya and I am currently animating Scene 3:

(I will post up a video to show everyone the progress hopefully by later today.) Chat to you guys later! Josie -___-


Åsa said...

sorry Josie but just becasue u have a lecture one day doesnt mean u cant work on the film- we have 7 weeks left- look at my timetable, i want the animation done in 2 weeks!!! Have anyone even started?? No cos the girl is not even finished, we will have to work really hard this term Josie if we want this film, really hard

peace n luv

Åsa said...

the rig for the girl is a bit wrong so i have asked giles to fix her - hopefully he can

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, didn't mean to cause confusion here, Thought I was being smart by including the dates when we have our Lectures.. .. sorry!

I've changed it now.