Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tree trainstation

pinkish texture

yellow pinkish n orange texture ( here u see the window textured as well )

red grayish texture

grayish texture

yellowish texture

hey everyone!

this is how the tree trainstation looks at the moment- sorry for shit quality but i dont have photoshop on that computer so i take pics with a broken digital camera - i will shape the entrance and inside of the train more when i have the train and the scales, feedback please so we can wrap it up n tick it of the list!

peace n luv,


Anonymous said...

Well there are some other pictures I can't see very well but I vote for the last two textures for the free - the grey-ish and the yellow-ish texture is my favourite at the mo.


Asas Jornal said...

cool, thanks, what do u think about the model, should it have more roots and stuff or should we keep it simple? I quite like it simple but what do u think?

peace n luv,

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to add more roots - its fine. With the upper body of the tree maybe one or two more branches maybe? - just my opinion anyways.

Josie -_-