Thursday, 17 April 2008

Need help for my Portfolio - Josie

Hiya Asa,

For the 3 FOLDERS = Animation, Artist & Technician as our Portfolio assignment - I realised that I don't have anything in my Technician Folder (Particle effects, Lighting, composition etc)

Is there anything that I could do for the group that involves in the Technician Folder?

Thanks, Josie -__-


├ůsa said...

Hi Josie!

yes I think thats the folder that we all have to think about and help eachother with, there will surely be some compositing work, maybe u will have to render out some layers of fog and composit in a scene etc , I will do my best to find stuff for everyone, we should discuss it in the next meeting.

peace n luv

Anonymous said...

Thanks Asa,

You're the best!!

*HUGS* - Josie