Monday, 29 October 2007

Report from the Monday Meeting!

The Blog is working now, same log in and password as earlier.

We looked at the animatic and made changes that I will go home an re - draw and e-mail to Patrick as soon as possible so that Ptarick can update the animatic. We also listen to different music but haven't been able to find "the" soundtrack yet so we should all continue searching.

We looked at everone's concept work and I will post the girl with the other hair style etc on this blog during this week, if u guys can give fedback here on the blog then i will know when we gat her and bobo nailed and can start with the modelsheets so FEEEEEEEEDABACK PLEAAAASE.

Next meeting will be on Thursday after class, 1.30 as always in the 3rd year room and this is what everyone said they would do:

- deveolp Bobo and girl, finsihed designs this week
Josie - more hospital sketches and hospital furniture designs, colors: COLD, what kind of stuff would she have on her side table? The stuff should establish that she lives in the hospital and has been there for a long time.
Raphael - More creature sketches and sketches of the trainstation
Patrick - update the animatic and work on the color and mood boards for the dead fantasy world / the cold living world.
Wan - Sketch and research trainstations and trains.

See u all on Thursday!!
peace n luv,
I will ask Eva if she can sketch more on the Mother and the Doctor.

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Eva Ng said...

I will fo' sure do some sketches for you this week, can't say when I'll have it by this week, cos' I'm a bit full on with Jess' at the moment, but you WILL get them.

P.S glad you got the blog working again ^__^