Monday, 22 October 2007

There in spirit!

Hey guys, I wont be able to make today's meeting as I seem to have booked myself somewhere else!

Anyways, while I can't be with you today, I will say what I need to here and hope guys will read it. I will be calling Asa later in the morning to let her know and no doubt I'll be able to read the details of the day on the blog anyway!

Right, I've managed to get creative (kinda) and drawn some things for Sophie.

Sophie designs:

I quite like the first drawing on 2nd sheet.

Not sure what you guys think but please give feedback!

Uh yea, I realise the drawings maybe hard to see, I'll scan them again once I get to college on Tuesday.

I also managed to do some drawing of Sophie in bed. The first one is supposed to be her gasping for air. Not sure if people reach out when they do that but I think I've seen it in a movie once!

Haven't really got underway with the Bobo concepts yet. There's so many possibilities with Bobo I don't even know where to begin. I think its best if I let you guys carry that on, whilst I work on the the train/train station.

So here's some images of a train, I think the old steam train style would fit this world perfectly. I do have some more images on the college computers. So I'll post them up on Tuesday or so.

Train Inspiration:

Finally, I know were are supposed to go through the storyboard scenes we have divided up. I have the first shot I have in mind for my scene but I do think I would like someone to help/provide alternative shots and direction as I think this particular scene is a lot (LOT) harder than I first imagined.

Scene 1:

We have Sophie with her back turned towards us. She looks from left to right (forgot the arrows there) and you get a hesistant reaction when something approaches throught the mist/fog.

Still deciding on the pan round for when we see Sophie's face and her reaction when she recognises Bobo.

Will post more shots during the week, if anyone can give me a hand that'll be great.

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"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

Thanks for all the sketches, wicked!!
Nnamdi had some ideas for the train as well so that is really good! I hope that we can have at least one design finished by next week so the modelers can get started without having to stress. I am working on Bobo and the girl and will post lots of stuff this week.

peace n luv,