Monday, 8 October 2007

Week 2

Hi Everyone!

Wan, Josie, Raphael and Nnamdi sat down and discussed the story and tried to develop it today. I think it is VERY important that the story is clear eventhough this film is a bit abstract, people have to understand what it is about, what we're trying to say etc.

We are writing down a first draft that we will run through with Mike and e-mail to everyone. It is imprtant that the story is developed and waterproof by the end of this week. Can we meet up on Thursday or Friday? Please confirm and reply here on the Blog so that I know if you can attened or not and I also want to know that everyone have acess to the Blog and check it now and then. I still don't have a computer so the best way to get in contact with me is by my mobilephone, I will e-mail everyone my number today and would like to get everyone else numbers as well.

So, lets meet up on Thrusday or Friday in College and finsih the story and write the script and split it into scenes. To this meeting I would like as many as possible to sketch on the character design for the girl and the creatures that she meets. We decided to go for simple and clean design, the animals she meets doesnt have to exist in real life ( altohugh I love the octopus idea and the effect of animating in an underwater enviroment with watercolor textures and particles going from deep dark water and up to the light, playing with light effects.) It is important that the audince will feel for the girl so her design is something we might have to work with for a while but it will be worth it in the end. She has been sick for years so she might be a bit underweight and look a bit tired with pale grey skin and no hair as she has cancer.

Everyone like the color setting used in "I lived on The Moon" so we decided to stick to grey tones but maybe use a hint of pruple, pink etc but really toned down soft colors.

Peace n Luv,

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