Thursday, 18 October 2007

Report from the last Meeting

Hi Everyone!

Here is some info about what we talked about at the last meeting.

Patrick has problems with his computer and car so he couldn't come in but he is doing lots of test for the dead world enviroment that he has e-mailed me so I wanted to put them up here on the Blog but after waiting 20 minutes I couldn't wait any longer, the films took ages to upload! I will try again later so that you all can see them.

We checked everyones concept today and Raphael had a cool idea of having a train track running through the dead world enviroment. We all liked the idea a lot so Raphael will develop it further and take a look at textures and colors to use for the train tracks. We also all like Josie's cute little horse and talked about if Sofie could have it by her bed on her table or something in the hospital. We also talked about how the mom should look and we talked about Madeleines mom, ( the missing girls mom that u all can see in the media).

Everyone liked the Bobo sketch that is posted here on the Blog and is colored in with color pens so we decided to go from that one and to continue to develop it.

Wan's borther who is in college is interested in making a flash game inspired by our film. I do think that would be really cool as I have never heared about a game that is about a dead girl and what happens to her as dead ( + wouldn't it be fun to say that we have a game to out film as well? :) He might need some 2D Flash animation help from us to be able to do it so I guess the question is if we have any time for it. I am honestly extremly bad on Flash but maybe someone else has time and would like to help us with that? Let me know what you guys think about it.

The next meeting is on Monday and then we will run through all the storyboard scenes, I will probably not be able to attened as my computer will arrive on monday and I dont have acess to a car etc so I really can't miss the delivery ( u all know how much i miss a computer to work on) so I will post stuff up on the Blog and keep u all updated! We decided the scene 3 that Patrick and I is working on mostly should be shot from above looking down. It would save us from animating the Dr's face and etc.

And yes, please bring music next week! Post it on the Blog or bring on your mp3 player, but we should really start looking into that so that we can add music to the animatic.

Nnamdi will be helping us with technical issues and planning which is really good! I feel that I am already writing the meeting protocolls and booking new meetings and etc so as it is right now Josie and I are producing and Nnamdi is helping out as much as he can. Nnamdi is going to look for different techniques and how they stretched out characters in The Incredibles for us as we will need to stretch Bobo when he helps Sofie up on the train so that is really good.

I am a little bit worried about concept work right now though. Cos if we don't establish Sofies and Bobo's look this coming week, then we will get behind. And I rather work hard now then doing it when we have to do our dissertations, don't you all agree on that? So please, don't bring and show the same sketches as you did a week earlier, I am sorry but it is just not good enough as we have so little time to do this film. I am drawing for three films at the moment and it is hard work but if I can do that then surely everyone can draw something new in one weeks time? Cos if we work in this pace then it will take ages before we have the mother, the train etc established. We need concept. If you don't want or like to draw, it is alright to bring images of trains etc to show your idea, you don't have to draw.

If I don't see you all before the weekend then have a really good one!!

peace n luv,

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