Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Animatic and storyboard changes that we made on the last meeting


scene 3

- zoom OUT instead of in from her eyes when she wakes up in the hospital
- take away the caughing shot, the shot of her eyes is enough
- end the scene by zooming out from her room from above and seeing how the dr leaves the room out into the hospital corridor, blur edges

scene 4

1 - mist
2 - seing the train
3 - bobo grabs girl
4 -seing the train coming towards them, raphaels angle
5 - bobo n girl running by the side of the train - western film shot, trains to fast
6 - trains starts slowing down by a station
7 - shot from inside the train as its slowing down by the station, monster sitting on back seat looking back thru window at them - camera follows and zooms in on sofie and the girl, full body shot, not extreme close up as they try to catch up with the train
8 - sofie n bobo cathing up with the train just as it starts moving again
9 - bobo grabs the train n stretches out
10- sofie climbs on bobo up on the train
11 - sofie is on the back of the train waving back at bobo while the train starts disappearing
12 - shot of bobo waving good bye getting smaller and smaller
13 - sofie on the back of the train dissapering up towards the clouds and the light

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