Saturday, 6 October 2007

Can we meet up now on Tuesday?

If as many as possible could come and meet up in college on Tuesday that would be great!

I don't have my timetable here but I think that we have the afternoon off so if as many as possible could stay for an hour that would be great! I would like to run through who's doing what and maybe we could develop a time plan together so that we know exactly what has to be done and for what week. We should also make sure that we have each others e-mal adresses and mobilphone nrs and most important of all, develop the story so that it leaves no questions about what's gong on etc.

PS Christna, Patrick and Rafael - would you like to try to make the film music? I know that we talked about it brefly in college and I know that Christina is a very good piano player so if you all would like to have a go at it then please do cos it would be really nice to have music to the animatic that we have to present in a couple of weeks time and, the music will be VERY important for this film.

PS 2. Josie, you have never ever paniced about a hand in and always handed in your work earlier then anyone else + that you always work very hard, would you maybe lke to be a co-producer for this project? I think that it might be good to have two people holding it together and damn you seem well organised which I think is an essential producer quality, what do you think?

And PS 3, Eva, you are so brillant on writing, would you maybe like to write the film script or help out with it? maybe Patrick wants to be a part of that as well?

If anyone else have any suggestions about the music then please bring it with you to the next meeting or post it here on the Blog so that we all can listen. I think the music should be quite simple and go from dark to light just like the film.

Ps nr 2 - does anyone know a 5-6 year old girl that might have the voice that we need for the beginng of the film?

Now I am going to have my holy cup of coffee,
have a good weekend everyone!

peace n luv,

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