Thursday, 25 October 2007


So I was listening to some grime this morning and I heard this awesome sample!

Default-tiny UK Garage- Ruff Squad - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Instrumental) uploaded by 30189-tiny poppin

Please listen while blogging or whatever, I thought it would be cool to have it rolling with our credits. It may be a bit too heavy for even the credits but give some crit!

(Hit the play button or open in a new window with the link)

Heres the original for more analysis.

I spoke to my bro and the piano instrumental is otw!

Should be good for next week! :D

Oh just to add this for the main film sequence. Acousmatic music takes everyday sounds and twists them to something melodic and stuff. There's more science about it if you like but have a listen first. Might be a good idea to listen to this for about 30mins on a loop to hear the different levels it has.


├ůsa said...

yeah, But I think that having someone singing about death on the film would be to much, just my feeling, if there would be singing I think it has to be more poetic and simple. I am gonna look around this weekend as welll and see what I can find- I gat acomputer now :)

peace n luv,

PEOPLE! Wake up! Give Wan some fedback! :)

wanimanga said...

Oh my brother said that as well, thats why I've got him to do just the tune (no vocals) because I think its quite strong by itself.

Anyways, I think you forgot the acousmatic stuff at the bottom!