Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Round up of today.

We went through our storyboard so far. It seems pretty much complete although we do need to tie up a few transitions.

The main point of contention is the transition from scene 2 to scene 3 - we have identified the following issues:

  • Fade to black makes it seems as if a longer time than designed has elapsed.

  • A resusitation may prove to be too traumatic.

  • Camera angles here should not conflict with Sophie's final real world shot.

So far we have devised the following solutions:

  • The engulfment of Sophie by the shadow IS the fade to black.

  • Only the after effect of the resusitation will be shown. (Sophie falling back onto her bed)

  • Resusitation will happen from the side on view.

The second point of contention is the idea of the train. Issues here include:

  • Why are they rushing to get the train?

  • Why can't they catch the next train?

  • Why don't they just run along the train track and follow it?

Our solutions for this round of problems are as follows:

  • This is the last train?

  • The track will fall away after the train has "consumed" it.

  • Another solution was to have many Hot Air Balloons for Sophie's path to heaven.

Although I love the balloon idea I think the train works on many levels. I will be advocating the train in the next group meeting.

And to keep with the train of thought...

Planning to have the steam from the train form the wings. Tres cool.

and here is the Plan view of the train.


"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

Thanks Wan! I knew I should post all the things we discussed and changed up on the blog but I am so f tired today that I just couldnt write it all down or even think properly, thanks! :)

peace n luv,

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