Friday, 12 October 2007

That's why who goes to Iceland?

Good evening 6 notes!

Well well well where do I begin, it seems really strange double blogging about the same thing. How can I repeat such a fine performance?!

Let's start with Sophie, our Icelandic adventurer.
They say a picture tells a thousand words. - I hope they are right!

On the left we have glacial stuff. Might be cool (hah) to have some of these ice babys in the film.

Below we have the awesome Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Should be pretty familiar to at least one of us. If not....... no actually I'll just paste more.

Few other things that I think you should check out are: Odin and his ravens and other Viking myths.

I quite like the colours used in the Odin picture. I also thought that the Ravens and Dark Horse thing could be used to portray our "monster". Obviously, I'm talking about having the silhouette of these things and not anything nearly as rich and detailed. I think the Icelandic theme fits well with the story.

More Icelandic myth stuff. Some of this can be seen as more teutonic rather than anything else but it shouldn't really matter.

This will make you smile, Asa. So is that Bobo, or is that Bobo?
Catch you on Monday. Ciao!

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├ůsa said...

I really like the characters, simple and clean designs like some of Miasaki's work,

peace n luv,