Sunday, 21 October 2007

Playing around trying to make Bobo..

Hi Everyone!

I am playing around with Bobo this evning and wanted to show you and old rabbit that I built with some bad playdoe a year ago ( don't mind the colors etc ), it looks like shit but I kind of like this big sad rabbit, can he maybe be something for the Bobo design or should we stay with the vintage toy? I was just thinkin that know when we made the girl 6-7 years old maybe she would have a toy for bigger kids. Or maybe that doesn't matter? I will try and skecth him on paper as well as the model is a bit messy, didnt have the right playdoe to make models with wo it just kept fallin a part. Hollar back! :)

PS Becca is helping out with the design of the girl :)

peace n luv,

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Josie Cheung said...

The Bobo design I really like is the second one from the top-left...Although I liked the idea of one of the designs with the pink hair - that's because it would give a new look (since everyone keeps referring Bobo to Piglet from Winnie the Pooh!) but its really the texture I find it eye-catching!!