Thursday, 25 October 2007

Latest News!

Josie and I are developing a new schedule that we will put up here on the Blog and on our board in the 3rd year room so check that out and get back to us if you think anything looks weird. And from now on I thought that we should be a bit clearer about what everyone is expeted to do for every week so that we're not floating around so for the next meeting on MONDAY the 29th 10 o'clock;

Rafael- researching how the train tracks in the deadworld could look, what colors and textures etc. He is also sketching on the creatures of the dead world and looking into music.

Nnamdi - is working on train concept.

Patrick - is working on the mood board and color schemes and Eva is doing the same thing.

Asa - is working on the Bobo and the girl design. Hopefully we have a train or a Bobo that we like next week so that one of us can start working on their modelsheets.

Josie - is researching hospital rooms, how should it look, colors, furniture etc.

Wan - is working on concept for the train and is looking into music.

Becca- is helping us with the girl design and will post her sketches up on the Blog.

EVERYONE - take a look at storyboards and films and think about our film and the angles we are using, is it anything we should change? Bring film clips or images from films if you want. We should sit down on Monday and take a final look at our storyboard and the animatic and try our best to get the final version down. Remember:


We will discuss Patrick's baloon idea on Monday and make up our minds and choose between the train idea and the ballon idea. PLEASE dont forget to bring music next week as it might take a while before we find the track we want, remember that you can play it to the rest of the group on a mp3 player or lap top :)

Have a really nice weekend everyone and good luck with all the work!
Peace n Luv,

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