Monday, 29 October 2007

The Girl - developed hairstyles for girl version 4

I don't know, maybe we don't have to see her ears? But I think it's a bit cute but I just can't draw ears..

I haven't changed girl nr 3 as I it wasn't anything that u guys said that u wanted me to change with her, it was just the hairstyle on nr 4 that u didn't like as i understood it. My favourtite out of this ones are the middle girl, not sure about the color of her eyes.

Don't think about colors of the pyjamas or prints but what model and leave your vote in the comment box.


peace n luv,

here is the version 3 with dif colors of her eyes + version 4 with the hairstyle that i mostly liked


Anonymous said...

I really like the bob-hair cut for the very last picture (Version 2 - Sophie in a purple clothing).


Åsa said...

Thanks Josie, I am drawing ruff now as I am stressed and really wants to nail her and get her done this week, what pyjamas model do u think she should wear?

peace n luv,

Anonymous said...

I really like the Version 1 pyjamas (something like a dress) - it's very cute!!

It would show the cute-ness and the innocence of Sophie!

Also, I've been doing some digging in my room and found some cool concepts that could help with the dead-world environment

Josie :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry!! - on the second thought, Version 1 pyjamas may be the best i think - but the animating may be a bit too much.

Second favourite for me is Version 5 - the girlie top and the Trousers.

Josie :P

wanimanga said...

Hey Åsa, bit confused about one thing.

Um, In the hospital scene she has no hair, right?

And in the dead world she does.

BUT! shouldn't she have 0 bags under her eyes in the dead world?

Ok anyway I like the version 5 PJs as well. I think that light green colour goes, perhaps a pastel pink also?

Åsa said...

and what girl?