Thursday, 25 October 2007

New updated Schedule!!

Hi everyone,

Here's the updated schedule for the group - Remember, its still draft with the duration of time needed for each member's job so once we meet up on Monday I can double check with everyone's opinion:

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Josie :)


Åsa said...

hey everyone!

I can't log into the blog, does any one else has problems? All the storyboard scenes weren't numbered..grr.. I know I told everyone to number them, anyway, Patrick and I cut everything out yesterday and changed some drawings that were to light, he is working on the animatic in after effects and I told him that he could post it on the blog so that we all can watch it :)

I am posting stuff on my new jornal:
the othe rone was my illustration site and as i didn't have a computer i didn't have time to do a new one but now i have so that i can leave my private art work work alone,

Have a nice weekend!
peace n luv,

- now I'm gonna listen to all the music! Nice job Wan!!

Åsa said...

Sorry but...what about Bobo? Who is modeling Bobo?

x asa