Friday, 5 October 2007

Getting Started

Hey Everyone!

As my lap top and hard drive died on Monday it might take a while until I have internet acess from home so I thought that I might as well start a production Blog now :)
Here is a link to Yannick Puig musicvideo "I lived on the Moon" and his page about how he made the film.

It was this film and it's style that inspired me to make my film, he has mixed 3D, 2D and cut outs very nicely I think and the Premier Plug in that gave the film that old look is also really nice. I also like his use of color, he kept it all toned down and used clean and simple designs. I will try and scan and upload my Sketches up on to this blog on Monday.

I will e-mail everyone each others e-mail adresses and my mobile phone nr so that we easily can get in touch with eachother. Hopefully I will have a new computer next week :)

This is our team at this point, please correct me if I missunderstod what everyone involved wanted to focus in:


Asa - concept, 2D animation, maybe some 3D modelling and animation
Patrick - concept and ideas, textures and maybe music
Josie - 3D modelling and animation
Rafael - 3D modelling and animation
Nnamdi - likes working with both 2D and 3D


Jessica. S - concept and 3D modelling
Aminata - 2D animation
Eva - storyboarding, concept
Christina - 3D
Samir - 3D
Becca - 2D

I am really happy that people voted for my film and that so many wanted to work with it! :)
I will explain more about the story next week when I see you as I know that that is hanging a bit loose right now as I didn't go through all the things and the creatures that I want this girl to meet on her journey on my film pitch as I felt it was a bit to long. So I'll take you all from the begining to the end next week and if anyone has any ideas, seen any cool art work or films then please bring it! I want everyone to feel as a part of this film and feel that their voice and opinions will be taken seriuosly eventhough this film is my baby. I want everyone involved to feel happy about being a part of it so lets stay honest and up front with eachother during this process, if any one gets stuck with technical difficulties or anything, just let the rest of the group now and we'll help eachother.

PS. Can everyone involved in ths project please check this blog atleast 2 times a week as we might decide new dates and times to meet up here etc?

We all have to make journals this year and I am going to use my personal blog as my journal so I have added a link to it here and all the rest of you that will use Blog's as journals can do the same!

Let's make it amasing!

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Eva Ng said...

only thing i'd like to add in is i really don't mind helping out on the animation in this film if Aminata is too busy with her film.... or if you want i can do minor animation...