Monday, 11 February 2008

The Hospital Room latest update

Ladies and gentlemen, it is slowly but surely getting there. I played around with different floor textures and I like this one the most cos its a typical institution floor. I want it more glossy though as they are in hospitals. All the bump maps and textures are not on yet but I do think it looks better now when I added the window and the chair or what do you think?

As u can see the texture on the bow with toys and the panel and one of the drawings are acting really funny so I am trying to figure out why.. really weird.

Will get more props from Josie and Eva this week.

I want to wait with the pillows and the duvet until Sophie is in the scene so I can shape them after her. Can anyone help me look for a good picture to have as the view from the window?

Peace n luv,

1 comment:

├ůsa said...

ah, the textures are acting funny because of th elight and shadow map i am using - no worries ;)

peace n luv,