Friday, 8 February 2008

Two dolls modeled

Evening! - I've modeled the two toys for the hospital room - for the horse doll I just need to make some minor changes like the scurf (need to connect the vertex later - need to combine the half model as one)

This is just a test - not sure if I should use Maya fur instead.. ..

With the dolphin doll I'm not too sure - does it look like a doll to everyone? or should I just work on textures to make it look like a doll rather the model itself?

I'll do some research on the hospital equipments for the room later! - Josie


Åsa said...

Thanks Josie!

Yes, try to keep them as low poly as possible, I am cleaning up the hospital room to keep it as small as possible so the rendering will not kill us.

I miss u on skype, hollar when u are online I wanna talk to u about wednesday and the meeting with Miek,

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

me again:)

I'm going to college tomorrow to finish the hospital room so if u can send me the toys tomorrow then I can put them in the room,


peace n luv,

ps if u get problems finding textures, is quiet good :)