Thursday, 21 February 2008

Until Wednesday Next Week

Patrick - I wanna see the Dr textured so I can okej him before u rig him like with everything else. Post images her or mail me so I can see him asap. We'll skip the cloth, hope u gat the mail.

Wan and Patrick- I want the mother and the Dr FINISHED, ( rigged, textured, blendshapes EVERYTHING) by this week.

Wan can u start with Bobo or should I pass it to someone else? Let me know asap. Need him next week finished.

I want Josie and me to meet up on Monday or Tuesday and do the block out - let me know what day that suits u Josie.

I want all the hospital props from Eva and Josie on Monday - Textured and finished.

The girls blendshapes finished so the model can be passed to Giles.

Caspar - how is it going with the train, need it next week finished.

GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON THE DEADWORLD!! It has to be finished next week so what about the colors, what about the flowers etc etc, if I don't get feed back I will make all the decisions and all of u might not be happy with the look, its on u

Peace n Luv,


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Anonymous said...

Hey Asa,

Just to let you know that It's taking me ages to upload my 3D block-out so it may take longer if you don't see it tonight or so!


├ůsa said...

Hi Josie!

Don't worry about it, just feels good that we will have it done on Monday as it is really important! See u on Monday and have a nice weekend!

!'m gonna check up with Aminata about the girl and Caspar about the train, so we can have it all finsihed soon!

peace n luv,