Monday, 11 February 2008

New week and New tasks

This is how it should be if everyone sticked to their deadlines :)
If u haven't - ajabaja as we say in Sweden- get back on track!

Josie are finsihed with the two toys and will texture the heart rate monitor + model and texture a vase and a stool ( info in older post ). Don't forget to bring in your changes to the animatic. I would also like u to research and sketch on what kind of plants/ vegetation/flowers we could have in the deadworld cos we don't want to copy Josie's La La Land but have our own style. 

Asa is finsihed with the hospital room and are waiting for props from Josie and Eva. Start working on the Dead world environment. Change Bobo and pass ideas / models to Wan for blendshapes and rig.

Wan - the Mother finished, with eyebrows and some color on the lips, pass me the hair test as fast as u can so we can decide about the hair for all the models as fast as u can. Let me know when u are finsihed so I can pass u new tasks.

Patrick - rigged and textured the Dr. Would u like to change 2 scenes in the animatic? It's changing a camera angle in Wans and yours first scene, scene 4 and then making my scene, scene 1 in maya - when Bobo and Sofie meet in the mist. Cos then we would have a block out:) Let me know so that I can explain better and show you what I mean.

Raphael - has vanished.

Eva - working on the lift this week.

We need someone who can weight, rig and make blendshapes for the girl- as she is our most important character it should be someone who is familiar with rigging and blendshapes so that it can be done quickly. So let me know if u know anyone in the class asap.

peace n luv,


Anonymous said...

I may not be able to finish modelling the stool an vase tonight but I will get the toys finished tonight - I'll bring my Scene 2 & 3 changes tomorrow; I have trouble in editing them so maybe tomorrow morning I can quickly edit them on the original animatic instead.


Anonymous said...

Hi its me again - I've tired looking up how to bump-map the textures but I'm very confused how to do it - so sorry :(

I'll have the toys textured tonight and pass them to you tomorrow and maybe you could teach me how to bump-map it....


├ůsa said...

Hi Josie, don't worry!

Bumbmaps can be a real pain in the ass but also really fun, bring the file and the textures tomorrow and I will show u,its really fun when u notice what a difference it makes!

peace n luv