Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Meeting with Mike today

Josie, Wan and Raphael (Asa text me a message and cannot come to the meeting)

Well we didn't have a meeting with Mike today as he was too busy with other things but he will see us next Wednesday (27TH) same time at 11am. Because he was busyI was only able to show him our group blog to let him see our progress ( he saw the dead world illustrations and the targets set for each members) and I also told him briefly what each member of the group had achieved that was not mentioned/screen shot images showned in the blog i.e. Asa working on the Dead World in Maya, Wan rigging the model etc.

Mike wants to see (for next meeting) -
The 3D model/characters combined in the Dead world - this is so that he could see how the characters appear in the 2D world.

Have test movements i.e. clouds, characters moving about in the dead world - have at least one shot of the scene to be shown for next week.

Mike just wants us to continue with our work progress and update the blog.


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├ůsa said...

Hi Josie!

Wicked, thanks a lot Josie!

the clouds are moving by the way, but u cant see it if u don't make a playblast. We'll show him next week :) I'll try n put some fireflies in by then as well.

peace n luv,