Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bobo research

Evening everyone! - Just read your message Asa, and here's some examples of dolls I found which hopefully is helpful!



Åsa said...

Ho Josie!

Thanks that was fast, I dont want to re start everything from scratch, just thought if we looked at him- what could we change? Rounder head? Different texture? Color? And the nose is still a problem..

I am going to try make a pc part on my mac tomorrow, hopefully maya can run then so i can start working nite shifts again :)

peace n luv

Josie said...

Oh right - sorry must have confused you, those are just examples of the noses and heads that we could use for bobo and such. Not changing Bobo completly :P

Well from the examples I looked for - maybe a smaller nose and a bigger, rounder head may make Bobo appear cuter - maybe?


Åsa said...

yes, his head is more shaped like an egg right now so it should be a bit rounder. I am just angry on myself that I didn't see this before, we all need to like Bobo and even if its hard we need to push it until it gets really good, now Wan did all the blendshapes for nothing but i think its better we push it and get it really really good. I'm gonna ask if Wan can send me the file so I can play around a bit with it.

ps ash can help a bit with the run cycle during the easter break

peace n luv,