Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Update after the meeting with Mike

At today's meeting I wanted to put this film down, I don't feel that we have done much progress since Mike warned us and is really worried about that we are so  behind with our schedule. 
But Mike wants us to continue and he believe that we can make this film.

We will have a meeting with Mike again next Wednesday at 11.
I think its really helpful if we can meet him once a week cos he can help us with the art direction and the animation. Next week I want to feel and believe that we can get there, I think we all need to feel it so lets finish off some shit on our long long list now!

Until Wednesday:

Asa - make tests of the Dead world environment and make scene 1 in the animatic ruffly to get the feel of the film. Paint the lip texture to the mother. Pass a digital recorder to Mike.H so that he can record the voice. Texture the drip stand and find out why some textures act so weird.

Aminata - change the ears on Sophie.

Wan - finish the mother, texture her hair with the texture that u showed today. Add bump map on her jumper. Make her REALLY happy blendshape face for the photoframe - show me, and then rig her. Pass Asa the lip UV map for the mother =+ maybe I can help you with the eyebrows. Give Bobo more shapes, more like the model I did quickly today.

Josie - make your scene 1 and 2 from the animatic in 3D. U gat the hospital room, the girl, the mother and the Dr today even if they are not finished they work fine for a block out. Think about camera angles - we don't want to see Sophie giving the toy to the mother without seeing the mothers face.  Finish the two toys, the stool and the vase. Research and sketch on flowers/plants for the deadworld. texture the heart rate monitor.

Eva - build the hospital room "lift" by the bed on the wall. Would appreciate if you could texture it as well.

Caspar - texture and rig the train until week 8. Then we want to get started.

Next week Giles will help us and rig the girl ;)

Peace n Luv,

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