Saturday, 29 December 2007

Heart-beat monitors & update of my progress

Hiya everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Here are some examples of machines that monitors the Heart-beats (not sure what's the proper name!) I found on the Internet:

This is one screen-shot of the Sophie model that I am still working on (There's more screen-shots on my personal blog):

This is just Sophie when she's bald (I'll work on the hair later as we have talked not to have real hair but have fixed modelled hair instead)- Still need to finished the rigging!!!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!!

Josie ^_^

1 comment:

├ůsa said...

Hey ya!

Thanks Josie! :)

I am lookng for good images of and heart monitor as well.

Good to see that you are on the case! I think her belly and body should be a bit rounder though, its a bit squarish right now. I think her face is maybe a bit squarish now as well. Jessica has done a draft of the Doctor as well that we should look at. I am thinking about the girls pyjamas, how to make it look more like fabrics- have you ever worked with cloth? I have not. We should research it and see how we could make her pyjamas- and her hair.

Hope everything si good with u and see u soon!
I will be back the 13 th of Janaury. If people in the group haven't done any work during the break then kick there asses from me :)

peace n Luv and happy new year!!