Sunday, 30 December 2007

Asa working on the hospital room

I want to add some of the girls drawings and photos of her from different occasions on the wall, some drawings and color pencils and cards from friends from her birthday or maybe just "thinking about u, get better cards" and a children's book etc on her table. Haven't started the heart rate monitor as I couldn't find a good image bit now I have one. I want to add a plastic box on wheels by her desk as well with some toys in but will need help to model toys - something for Eva or Jessica maybe if anyone of u have time? The room is not finished, the girls bed needs wheels under it and the heart rate monitor and the drip stand etc is not done yet but I will finish that this week. I have started the trainstation as well, will post images soon.

I also changed her bed as my boyfriend made a good point and said that the room could be her own room at home with a drip stand and a heart rate monitor - we have to show that she is in a hospital. Should the guestbed be the same or? I also added some alarm and nurse buttons behing the bed as they have that I Swedish hospitals and some others as well. Have to do what we can to show that it is a HOSPITAL. I haven't started texturing yet, will do that when I come home and will ask Ross to do the light as he said he would help us with light.

Peace n Luv,



Josie said...
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Josie said...

The hospital room is looking good! I especially like the bed with the metal bars on both end!

Yeah I thought the Sophie model I made looked weird - I'm working on it!! So hopefully it will be alright for animating!

No unfortunately I never used Cloth before.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday!


Asas Jornal said...

i havent used cloth either but we can help eachother and research it - I heared that cloth is much easier to use in the Maya 8,5 version that we are using then in the older one so that is good :)

Josie, I really dont want to come back uuuu..hahaha, i wanna stay in sunny Thailand !!

see u soon!
peace n luv,

Asas Jornal said...

ps when u meet the group the 7th then check how much they have done of that they agreed to du during the x-mas and if they havent done it then they better go home and do it fast so that we dont get behind,

now im gonna have breakfast and get cracking with maya
peacve n luv asa

Josie said...

Yeah I read a bit of using Maya Cloth and it seems to make the animating easier - I've been modeling Sophie in her out fit thinking it was much easier to do - but I'm re-modeling Sophie again (so far she doesn't look too square-ish) and unfortunately haven't had time for the animatic stuff - Im really sorry about it but I'll make it up for it!

When we go back to Uni I'll ask everyone what they've done so far and if they haven't done much I'll tell them to complete it ASAP!

I know the feeling of not coming back to London!! - I wanted to stay in Hong Kong longer!! :P