Friday, 28 December 2007

Hey from Asa in Thailand!

Guess if its fuckin hard to sit and work with Maya when u are in paradise n its really hot and u just want to sleep n swim?
Anyway, i am having a good time and dont want to come back to UK at all. Hope u all are having a good break as well!!
I have started modeling both the hospital room and the trainstation - the hospital room is straight forward but i miss concept n research of how the heart machine should look - and is anyone interested in making the animated heartbeats for the screen of the machine in After Effects? I am trying to find good pictures of that heart beat machine now in an nternet cafe but cant find any, did u have any when u reserached i Josie? Please put them up then so i can model, thanks!

Looking forward to see everyones work in progress so I hope u start posting some stuff here soon :)

The trainstation is a bit of a pain in the ass so i am not sure if i will have it completly finished but my aime is to have it done and texture when I come back

peace n luv and happy new year!!

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