Thursday, 15 November 2007

For The Animatic + Size Referance

This is how the girl and Bobo looks in the animatic not the real textures and not her exact face but we dont have much time, is everyone okej with this or should I make them prettier and more the way they'd look in the film? And is this how big we want Bobo to be compared to the girl?

Let me know and I'll fix! We are running out of time.

peace n luv,


Josie Cheung said...

Its Fine!

Good job! - Bobo looks so cute!


├ůsa said...

Thanks, this is just for the animatic so they are a bit ruffly drawn - Bobo has that kind of squarish round head on the model sheet and final design as well but I start wondering if it should be more round but maybe we don't have time for that :)

peace n luv,

Raph85 said...

Yeh im liking bobo. We should get some t-shirts made of him and start merchandising. But seriously, the height difference is just right and i can really see this working(",)