Thursday, 15 November 2007


Attending: Me, Raphael and Wan. Josie and Nnamdi called and are sick.

I am missing work from u all that u were suppose to present to me today so post it on the Blog. Don't fuck around with Deadlines, we don't have time for it and I have asked u all if u can do these tasks for this date and u all agreed on it, so, where's the work? I am getting a bit grumpy. Take this BA year and this project serious please we only gat two weeks left to go! Theres a list on this Blog with what u all agreed on doing for today..


RAPHAEL - will present model sheets for the two characters that we choose for the Dead world and play around with their colour and textures. Let me know on Monday if your software problem is solved and what scene u would like to do in the animatic. Love your characters by the way! :)

ASA - keep on developing the Doctor and the trainstation, can I get some fedback on the trainstations please? Make the Girls modelsheet a bit better and make character sheets for Bobo and the Girl. Will not finish all the sheets for Monday but most of it. Make more pdf cut out parts for Animatic and e-mail everyone involved.

PATRICK - pick up your phone or check your mail, I wanna be sure that u know whats going on and that u gat my files. U gat scene 3 to do for the animatic, is that okej? I really wanted to see if u found any music and then what as well so e-mail me mp3's or links where I can listen. And how did the cloud test go?

JOSIE - fixed hair research for the girl and the finished hospital room with final colours, mark where the extra bed should be etc. What music did u find? E-mail me mp3's or links. Well done with the timetable! I am letting u be in charge of that and making sure its a ll in a reasonable time scale. The reason why I havent given u and Wan a lot of work last week was because I wanted u to get crackin with Bobo and the Girl and start modeling as that will take time.

WAN - fixed hair research for the Girl, how do we do it? Scene 4 in the animatic is all yours and I want to see a first draft as soon as possible but I know u gat software problems or did u solve it today? And Wan u will also make a 3D train ( just add a locmotive and make it look a bit more lika a steam train, thats all ) for the animatic and pass to other involved that needs it for their scenes.

NNAMDI - The finished train for to day, I wanna see it so that I can see if theres any last changes that has to be done before u make the modelsheet and get into building it.

AMINATA - Model sheet for the Mother and Colour tests. Thanks so much for the sketches, lovely drawings!

EVA - will be back next week so then I will ask her for help as well.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Peace n Luv,

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