Friday, 23 November 2007


I really like all the bobo's, personal favourites are C and F. I;ve been working a lot on what was asked for me about the dead world. I've basically been using images with blots and various oddness in a similar style to josie's pictures and trying to see what looks better in maya and what looks better in a compositing program. I think when it all comes down to it we will have a much better idea as to what needs to be done as I'm not really going to stop doing these but if I was to say now I think most of it can be done in maya on differant layers and then taken in after effects or whatever and then manipulated even more. Even with all the oddness of the wierd lights in the sky or overgrown greenery that asa wants can be modelled easier and lit better within maya. As far as mixed media goes I think any live action filming of something even more experimental is very possible as the compositing program we will use will be able to mix them all together. So to sum up, I think using maya to basically all of the film will work, as long as we approach the task of the dead world with a bit more creativity and willing to let things evolve more than you would usually be within maya.

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