Thursday, 15 November 2007

Doctor Sketches from asa

Some ruff sketches of the Doctors face, the audience has to understand that its the DR and not the father of the girl so the Dr should propably be a bit of a Doctors stereotype maybe, have the typical coat/shirt, name sign, glasses maybe, be mush older then the mom etc. I had to stress with this as no one else is doing concept right now, if I had another week I could do a better job. FEDBACK.

Aminata has done a perfect mom, its on her Blog.
One thing, who will animate the mom and the Dr and should they be 2d or 3d models? We need to talk about this today as its a lot of work right there.

Peace n Luv,


wanimanga said...

I LOVE version 10! I just want to punch him in the face so much!!

BUUUUT! He would look equally well placed in an office or somewhere and doesn't lend himself well to the role of a doc.

Version 2 and 4 are my other favourites:
again but... they both seem young and disinterested, like the doctors that get picked on in Scrubs, their faces suggest a "Kid dies, whoops." kinda attitude.

I think since we are discussing the 2Dness of the doc and the mother, we should perhaps make the entire real world scene 2D. The differences would be quite cool and if neccesary, we can just texture the 3D environment in a 2D style so that it all fits.

Anyway, I think I've started to repeat myself...

Josie Cheung said...

I would say Version 7 is my favourite doctor - seems kinda realistic in a way (to me anyways :P)

I thought we were planning to make the real world 3D and the dead world in 2D? But then again it may create a nice affect of having the doctor and mum in 2D as the story is really about the girl so it can make her stand out I making any sense? :P


├ůsa said...

No, the real world is still 3D folks and the dead world mixed media, has anyone said anything different? I draw very 2d and this is concept sketches so thats all.

Thanks for the fedback now I know which ones u like that I should develop! :)

peace n luv,

"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

ah, I htought u meant version 9 Wan! Version 9 is the arrogant bastard that I wanna punch haha!

"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

and as u figured out by now I can't draw realistic.. )

peace n luv,

"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

My favourites are version 2 and 9, so we have2 votes for nr 2 then haha, i'll ask the rest to vote as well