Sunday, 25 November 2007

Scene 2 of Animatic


I've got Scene 2 done and for some reason I can't send it via email....

Josie :)


Åsa said...

Hey Josie!

I like a lot! :)
I think maybe the chase should be a tiny bit longer and a bit more dramatic as it is the only conflict and action in the film. We should let it escalate a bit more I think before she gets dragged back. And then the question is, how do we make the shadow look more like the silhoutte of the Doctor so that the sahdow reminds more of the hospital world?

Nice work Josie! Thanks,
peace n luv

Anonymous said...

That's the thing I couldn't figure out really - I was hopeing to use real sounds for the shadow but I'm really have no idea.....

I made the next Scene of sophie waking up and the doctor is next to her bed-side and then the camera moves towards the photoframe of her birthday photo and then the camera moves and focuses the hospital room for a bit and then to the mum - is that alright?


Åsa said...


yes that shadow is tricky, we really need to communcate it, we'll talk about it tomorrow and come up with something! :)

Okej, cool, I didnt think about that, just thought that if people see it they see it, just really need to start thinking about her room and communicating all the stuff we have to communicate with it - i am researching how 7-year olds draw right now so that I can make some drawings and put on her table together with some pens for an example,

zzz,..need some sleep. my computer has been an real ass all day and i had to redo my scene twice..pain

See u tomorrow!
peace n luv,