Thursday, 29 November 2007

Bobo Model sheet to Wan

This is how Bobo looks as a toy i didn't draw the seem all the way on the side but that is something we do with texturing once he is modeled anyway. When Bobo comes a live in the Deadworld- he is one n a half head taller then Sophie - did u see the size reference pic I posted some weeks ago? Otherwise the size difference is pretty much as I did it when they are hugging in scene one in the animatic. So Bobo looks the same in the Dead world but is bigger and the shapes softer n rounder- are u okej with that? I didnt felel like drawing him again when it is so easy just to make him bigger and a tiny bit rounder - u can post images of him when u are getting there n i can give u fedback

Peace n luv,

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Anonymous said...


Well I thought it was very cute for a doll - I asked my sister for her opinon and she said:

"Its cute - are you going to make his body furry as well?? - Furry is CUTE!!" (I think she prefers it furry!)