Monday, 12 November 2007

Week 7 - Monday meeting

Yes, I think we nailed all the camera angles now! :) So Patrick and I will work on a new animatic and I will e-mail Patrick Bobo and The Girl, mist and "The Shadow" as psd cut out tonite so that he easily can animate them in After Effects and then he and I will devide scenes between us.

Josie and Wan are researching how we should make this girls hair, it should be fixed as we don't have time to animate hair for weeks and weeks so they are looking into that while they also will start modeling the two main characters.

PS Josie and Wan, did we choose the final colors for the hospital room? I know that you talked about what colors to use, was my color schema for the hospital alright?

We decided that the trainstation will be a tree and root trainstation that will appear out of the fog and maybe if we have time even add a scene were it grows out of the ground and the train drives into it.

I am sketching on the trainstation, the Dr and the mom and is looking for sound students for sound effects, will try and e-mail the tutor of the sound course this week :)


See u all then!
peace n luv,


Anonymous said...

The colour for the Hospital room - I like the blue colour for the wall but I'm still not too sure about the floor tho.


├ůsa said...

cool, then we need more research on that

peace n luv,