Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Girl and Her Modelsheet

I have worked my arse off with the modelsheets but I am not the right person to do it, I hate modelsheets. I have asked Aminata for help but didn't really get a yes or a no so i dont know whats happening. Thats why I asked u Joise how exact the sheets has to be, how comfortable are u with modeling etc? Should I e-mail u wat I gat so that u can say if that would work for u or not? I need time for the model sheets, her face in profile is haaaaard.

I will not be in for long tomorrow so Joise will run the Thursday meeting.
Look at Patricks suggestions and then put it together so I know how to make the new animatic and PUT IT ON THE BLOG! :)
Then tick off the list with all the work that everyone else should have done - plese post your stuff on the blog so that I can see it! Theres scanner sin the library.

peace n luv,

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