Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New Trainstation Sketches from Asa

My first idea was to have the tree standing on lots of roots so that we could have some nice effects with the light comin thru but now I'm not sure, maybe a tunnel thru the tree is easier but what is most "magical"?

Sketches of the Tree trainstation

The way that I imagine this Tree is that its a mix between an Old Oak tree and a Willow Tree. I don't think I want to have any butterflies in the film, I think it's cooler with fireflies but maybe designed in our own way.

See u all tomorrow at the meeting! I have some more sketches but I'll show them instead of taking up the entire page ( or go to my personal Blog )

peace n luv,


Josie Cheung said...

Ah I see where you're going - I really like it with the long tree branches (not sure what they're called! :P) But yeah I really like the tree-train station design, its looking great

Having fireflies will be certainly be a nice touch - what else makes it magical? Ummm - how about having the long branches act like curtains? Like having the whole train station covered but as the characters or train moves closer to the station - the branches opens like those cinema curtains....but i dunno its just an idea :P

├ůsa said...

yeah, thats a good idea :)
yes, fireflies would be really nice, I will try and sketch on some soon.. Which one of the stations do u prefer then? I like the one thats almost has the shape of an old woman. I can make some more later as well

peace n luv,

Raph85 said...

Nice idea Josie(Branches/Curtains). Im down with that. It could give the train station a sense of grace/elegance.