Wednesday, 28 November 2007

More to do during X-mas for everyone

Hey everyone!

Add this Josie to your X-mas schedule:

Jessica S. - model the Dr

Caspar - model the train

Asa - develop shadow character, build hospital room and trainstation and update script - give cd to Emmet n Christina for music and soundeffects.

Wan - model mother and bobo + research stretch out and train smoke ( u don't have to wait for bobo, u gat the moms modelsheet last week n if u lost it then its on aminatas blog ) + changes in the animatic together with Patrick ( devide changed between u )

Raphael - More research and sketches of creatures of the dead world + research animation, running cycles etc + thumbnails ( i will show u what it is if u aren't sure)

Patrick - I think it was brilliant when u n wan did scene 4 together so u guys can divide the new changes e between u ( u and wan ) fix them during x-mas.

Josie - model the girl n research how to do her hair. New x-mas schedule on the blog. + Changes in scene 2 and 3 in the animatic.

Is everyone ok with that? Let me know asap. As u all noticed today our group is producing less work then the smaller groups so I suggest we do all this during the X-mas so that we catch up for next term :)

DONT GET CONFUSED - this is added work, it will be ADDED to Josie's schedule that will be up in the coming days so you are still doing the other things that u said that u would do as well.

Show progress and developing work on this Blog during the x-mas please so that I know what everyone is doing and we all stay in touch in case someone needs help n get stuck.

I will post the changes in the animtic here later on tonite- need to write essays now..

Have a really nice one everyone and thank u so much for this term!!!

Peace n luv,

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