Thursday, 1 November 2007

Train - Interior

I thought it would be nice to have a sort of oriental express style interior, nice nad luxurious etc etc, the train to heaven should be as nice as possible, right?

In my culture the yellows signify royalty this is to do with gold I think and stuff like that. We can accent the textiles with purple - complimentary to yellow.

I think we should avoid the traditional royal red for this - too much association with blood and death with red.

Anyway, it will probably all come down to the color schemes we will choose later on.


├ůsa said...

Thanks Wan, u're a star!!

I dont know. should it be like a posh restaurant wagon or should we simplify it a bit? I really like the old wood walls and interiors inside the train but I am ot sure about what kind of seats there should be, maybe we don't want to kill ourselfs with a too detailed train but I really like the feeling of an old train and the wood details. Josie, what do u think?

the rest of the people in the group serously needs to start taking my words seriously, I have asked everyone to be a part of the blog so that we can speed up our work but ts still just the three of us in here.

peace n luv,

Josie Cheung said...

Well I do like the idea of having wood textures/details for the interior of the train.

To me, it kind of like triggers off a memory of the past (the old steam trains) and by using the old types of trains shows that in the story its a traditional transportation to heaven - Kinda hard of me to write it on words so if Im not making sense at all i'll explain it again when we all meet up!

Im not too sure of the exterior tho, its kinda hard to decide for me right now :P