Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Hey, I was looking at my scene, scene 3 and I wondered what actual changes you wanted to be made. I can do some simple blocking out in maya to try to sync it with the train scene but I dont think its going to add much to the clarity of the story. Let me know. Pat


├ůsa said...

Scene 3 is the hospital scene, havent seen ure version of it to be honest but only the cnages we decided on from the meeting and yes offcourse, if its not clear then we have to change and make it clear some how..

peace n luv,

ps did u find or make any music?

"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

I did find a lot of music yes, and I;ve been working ona my own song for a while now but its not going great. I guess I will be able to work better with an actual animatic. I was caying I would do the music on the basis that the animatic was done before the deadline which it doesn;t look like its going to be. I've blocked out the hospital scene in maya but I'm sorry I have been very ill, for the life of me I can;t remember any specific changes you wanted being me and I have been asking for them for over a week now. I'm going to have to edit your drawings to make the shot that was least impressive look good which is the coffing bit.

"The day That I died" Production Blog said...

I'm actually getting really frustrated with this, I;ve been doing this scene and I really think it looks worse than the original drawings, and looking at the blog you don't want tooo much 3d, can I please just have a list of what you want me to do to this scene so we dont have to have this send it and crit it nonsense, I;ve been asking for this list for a week now and I know you keep reffering me back to the blog but I;ve looked at that thing all day today and cant find any answers.