Monday, 19 November 2007


Didn't we decide that the Animatic should be done in After Effects? Will it not look really weird if some of us done our scenes in After Effects n some in Maya? I e-mailed everyone drawings as we decided to use AE but we talked about importing an 3d train into AE. What do u people say? I really want to hand in a nice animatic.

peace n luv,


Josie Cheung said...

......well I like the idea of having a 3D train with the 2D drawings but will that mislead people thinking we're doing the whole animation in 2D and just a 3D train? or should we just have the whole thing in 2D?

But I guess that doesn't really matter - the 3D train would make it look interesting.


├ůsa said...

its just pain in the ass to draw the train, see how its comin in in that angle? Lots n lots of drawings thats why i thought a 3d train was better. the girl is not 2d and boo is not 2d, they are 3d, i dont think that matters but i think it will be really weird if wd dont do the same thing

peace n luv