Saturday, 10 November 2007

Problems uploading the videos


I've been trying to upload the video Nnamdi recommended! - the file are too big which takes a long time for my laptop to handle and it freezes aswell! (SORRY!)

Asa suggested that I should have some screen shots of the video instead - so here they are!:

Josie's La La Land (Film by EB Hu)


P.S - I'm still working on the group's schedule and I'll try to go around Canary Wharf tomorrow before I go to work to take pictures and videos


├ůsa said...

no worries!

But can u please take some screen shoots of it so that people can see the style and how it looks like with the clouds and the fog?

thanks Josie!!

have a nice weekend!

peace n luv,

Raph85 said...

love the contrast of colours and the overall imagery is really strong, if we could do some thing like this it would be brilliant.