Friday, 2 November 2007

Sophie's hospital room - final design


From last group's meeting I've made some changes of Sophie's hospital room based on everyone's opinions:

In the mean time I'll be playing with the colouring of the room and will later post it up on the blogg - Please comment!



Åsa said...

Hey ya!

the walls should be a bit higher but that i easy to fix in maya so u dont have to change that now - her table is very important, that lamp doesnt state that she is living in the hospital and that she has been there for years. U dont have to draw it all on that paper , u can draw her table on a separate one if u want but it is very important that people understand by seing her things and the room that,

* she has been there for years, she live sin that room, its her home
* colors and the light make the room cold, its not where she or the audience would choose to be

will the hourse u did be on her table, maybe a picture of her and her mom, maybe pens and some of her drawings, maybe a book she or her mom is reading? She is in that bed every day and is a kid so she must have something to do now and then

i am struggling with the modelsheets, hate making model sheets dont know if i will manage

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

about the new schedule, who is modeling Bobo?

peace n luv,

wanimanga said...

Oh Asa has pretty much said everything there..

We want the key furniture to feature in the zoom out shot, am I right?

but yes very nice

Anonymous said...

Ah I see, Ok then, I'll focus more on the furniture side for Sofie - like more toys lying around and such.

I'll post it up once I get sketch done (i'll work on the colouring later then)

Josie :)

Åsa said...

yes cos as soon as u have to sketch of the room it is so easy to copy it and give the walls 5 different colors and posted and we all can vote and then thats done :)

peace n luv,