Friday, 9 November 2007

End of Week 6 / Meeting protocoll

Attending: Josie, Wan, Asa and Nnamdi

I told everyone that I want shorter and more effective meetings from now on so that we get more time to go home and work :)

I also want EVERYONE to start using this GROUP BLOG, we want fedback + shortly will do more and more work from home but will need a place to communicate and show development and this is the place.

From Jareds lecture I brought the word that I find the most important : HONESTY.

I am asking everyone how long YOU think doing what you have to do will take from now on cos then there's in no reason for anyone to feel that they dont get time to do a good job and there shouldn't be any reason to miss a deadline. And if you feel that u really don't want or can not do that task then please dont say u will - ask to do something else that u enjoy and feel more confident in doing. Much Better! And if me or Josie doesn't make any sense or so on - tell us! All we want to do is make this film ;)

Me and Josie are learning how to be producers and it is hard sometimes but what Jonna said really helped, there is deadlines and we should stick to them. I felt the same with the girl design, she could have been nicer if I had more time, but we don't have that time. We will do our best and hit the deadlines and thats it.

Nnamdi showed a great film "Josie's La la Land" and all attending agreed, that is the look and the style that we are after for the dead world but we want lighter and softer colors. Very nice, thanks for that Nnamdi! Just what I was looking for! Josie will post it here on the Blog so that u all can see it. I started thinking about it more, should we make clouds in maya or in after effects or any other composoting software? Some clouds and brush effects are not very nice in Maya.

Aminata has helped out with the girls modelsheet so thanks for that Aminata! There some changes that has to be done but Josie will have the sheet this weekend. I talked to Josie about the girl pyjamas as I have referance pictures of my sisters daughter posing in a pyjamas of the type we want our girl to have so Josie can look at that when it comes to cloth ( her clothes/ fabric ).

I talked with Ross and Ash this week about next term and Ash said that he could help us with the girls and Bobo's running cycle as he found some really good tools for it that would save us time and Ross said that he'd love to help us with light within Maya and he is really good at it so thats good news :)


Monday 12 th of Nov at 11:

Look at Patricks camera angles and pick the best ones so that I and some one more can run off and do the final animatic in After Effects.

Tuesday 13 th of Nov after lunch:

Josie will have the new updated schedule ( with all the times that we all agreed that our tasks will take take on )
Josie has listened to music and taken photos of canary warf.
Asa will contact 2-3 soundstudents for help with hospital sound and sound effects for the deadworld.
Asa is showing sketches of the Mother and the Doctor. Asa has started building the Hospital room.
Patrick is looking for music.
Raphael - no more new creatures, sketch and work more on the trainstation instead and focus on that.
Wan is working on Bobo.

On Thursday Nnamdi will show me his final train design proposal so that he can do ev changes and start modeling week 8.

I recieved an e-mail from Mike Hirsch, he had heared a track that he thought might suit my film and I totally agree, this is the kind of style and feel that I am looking for. This track is probably about 10-30 secunds to short though but the pace and the feeling of it, listen:

I gat the concept and sketches of the girl from Aminata and Becca now! :) Really nice work so thanks for that ladies!!

HAVE A NICE WEEKEND EVERYONE!! ( good luck with essays and presentations etc )

peace n luv,

PS BIG UP to Wan for drawing all those trains eventhough he hates drawing, I was really impressed! Thanks Wan!!

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