Thursday, 15 November 2007

Josie's research and other stuff


Here's the stuff I'm suppose to show everyone at today's meeting:

Finalized Hospital room and where the extra bed should be:

  • Music - I've found some music but since I can't upload it on the blogg - I'll email to Asa later to see what you think. I've also looked at Thomas Newman's creations and came across some soundtracks I really like from 'The Series of Unfortunate Events'. - have a look at some samples (very long web address!! so you have to copy each 3 rows for the full address to link you to the page!) :

Especially these which I personally like:
    • 'The Baudelaire Orphans'
    • 'Resilience'
    • 'The Unpleasant Incident Involving A Train' - (a struggle scene)
    • 'The Letter That Never Came'
  • Research on modeling Hair on Maya (ignore the first post I sent earlier - it was wrong! sorry!) - this is more about texturing for game characters but I dunno it could work when I start modeling Sophie:

I couldn't find any info of how Pixar created fixed hairs for their characters in The Incredibles so I'm still searching on modeling hairs.



Åsa said...

Briliant! Really nice work, thanks a lot Josie!!

peace n luv,

Åsa said...

Me again :)

I'm not sure about the colors of the hospital room though. Cos what do we have to say with the design of the girls room? What's important to show for our audience?

* That she lives there and is sick and has been so for many years - how does that show?

*That this is not where she wants to be as its a life with pain - how do we show that?

Do we get that from this room that we gat now?

So this hospital room is actually more tricky to design then just a hospital room, we need symbolism and colors here to prove our point,
I talked to Mike Hirsch a bit today as I can imagine he knows loads about color but I didn't manage to finish the conversation but maybe he can help us.

peace n luv,

Raph85 said...

Great designs for the hospital room josie. I feel that we could go for colours that are a little washed out(pale geens or maybe even pinks or peach). But the overall look is coming together nicely.